5 Ways to Tell if Coding is Right For You

5 Ways to Tell if Coding is Right For You

5 Ways to Tell if Coding is Right For You.

There are many reasons that coding could be right for you, and these depend largely on how you see yourself as a person. Are you creative? A problem solver? A gifted kid with an attitude?  Whatever type of person you are, coding could be for you. So, we’ve compiled a list of indicators to help you decide. There’s no easy way to determine if learning to code is the path for you, but if any of these sounds like you, there’s a good chance it will be a fit. Here are five ways to tell if coding is right for you.

1. You love learning. 

The most exciting part about school isn’t seeing your friends, or going to lunch, or hitting the gym during PE. It’s learning something new every day and taking that information out into the real world. Coding is the same way. You’ll be given the foundation to build apps and websites (and lots of other things) and then allowed the freedom to apply it the way that works best for you. Coding teaches you to be a lifetime learner, which is a skill that transfers to all other parts of life. You can expect to become a better student overall by getting involved in the tech industry early on.  

2. You’re creative. 

The stereotypes about coding that say it’s only about math, science, and data aren’t true. It’s as much about creativity as art or music and requires a similar amount of flexibility in mastering it. The opportunities to use your knowledge of code are endless and will only grow as you tap into your creative power to get things done.  Coding helps to bring visions to life and create physical products from ideas that we have. If you find yourself wanting to take that next step from imagining something to being able to hold the finished product in your hands or see it on your screen, then learning to code is for you. 

3. You’ve got a little bit of an attitude. 

How many times has a teacher told you to watch your attitude? At least a few times, I’m willing to bet! One of the great things about the tech industry is that having a bit of attitude goes a long way and is even a positive characteristic. Specifically, if you have a can-do, doesn’t-take-no-for -an-answer attitude, you belong in the tech industry.  

What separates good programmers from great ones is their drive to try out multiple pathways to reach a solution. In coding, you rely on your ability to creatively solve problems without getting discouraged if the first try isn’t a fit. Any challenge you come up against is one more way to shine using your strengths and knowledge. Multiple routes can take you to the same destination of success, as long as you’re willing to say yes along the way and commit to the journey. Keeping a can-do attitude will make all the difference as you test what works and experiment with what doesn’t. And by not taking no for an answer in your efforts, you’re guaranteed to pick yourself up after every challenge. It’s also why you’re going to find success in the tech industry. 

4. You want to make a positive change in the world.

The tech industry will continue to grow in the future, with skills like coding, web development, and programming becoming more and more valuable. With the current speed of technological advancements, we’re already seeing that it’s practically guaranteed that working in tech will lead to job opportunities in the future. 

But having a job isn’t your focus right now. Right now, you’re thinking about how you’re going to make a difference in the world. And a positive one at that. By getting into coding at a young age, you guarantee yourself a spot as a future agent of change. Think about all the apps you use on a daily basis. Think about the phone you’re holding in your hand. Think about the screen you’re reading this on. All of these things started as someone, like you, getting interested in coding. 

You could be the next app developer. You could be the next creator that changes the way we use the web. You could be the exact person the industry needs to build the next viral platform for your generation. But it starts with taking one step, and that first step is learning how to code.

5. You’re ready for something new. 

Coding isn’t an easy path. It’s filled with constant challenges, upgrades, and changes. For some, that’s scary to think about. For others, that’s exciting and motivating. It depends on how much you like to try new things. 

The cool thing about coding is that it’s useful in many different industries. This means it’s constantly evolving to meet the diverse needs of those industries. In tech, coding gives you the foundation for web and app development. In music, coding allows you to write software to help you edit tracks you love. In art, coding can help you digitize your work and sell it online. The point is that there’s always something new to learn and try when you commit to being a coder. So if you’re ready for something new and willing to keep learning as the industry and you change along the way, it looks like learning to code is your next step. 

Deciding if coding is right for you comes down to having a love of learning and a passion for problem-solving. Creativity, curiosity, and attitude give you an edge that will make you stand out, and wanting positive change will motivate you along your journey. 

If you’re the type of person who loves a challenge, enjoys problem-solving, and is ready for something new in life, getting into code is going to be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It will open the door for new ways of learning, and it will transform your education experience. So, now that you’ve seen the list ask yourself: Is coding right for me? 

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