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The Thinking Cap approach is built on encouraging educators to bring tech into the classroom without the need to be tech-savvy. By bringing tech into the classroom students are more interested in what they are being taught in addition to being more committed to understanding their lessons.

Thinking Cap reinforces linear learning through a platform that includes videos, written tutorials and projects. Students and teachers can seamlessly communicate on lessons, grades and competitions testing their skill set.

While the tech aspect of Thinking Cap helps students visualise a deeper meaning in their education, it also creates a collaborative relationship with their teachers, resulting in more empathetic classrooms

Revolutionising Linear Learning

Thinking Cap’s approach to linear learning is a hands-on approach to student courses. Motivating kids to utilize more than just their minds in everyday assessments increases their understanding of the topics being taught.

Automated Progress Tracking

View all your students progress in one clutter-free app. Our program updates educators on changing data within each student and helps pinpoint exact areas of improvement

Collaborative Courses

Allowing students to upcycle old courses by combining them with other lessons creates a range of courses for students to learn while also introducing them to new ways to problem solve.

Flexible Learning

Collaboration between courses speaks to the environmentally-friendly aspect of the Learning Kits. Completion of kits does not go to waste. Instead, classrooms can save this kit for further education when they fuse it with other kits.

Read the *INSERT CASE STUDY NAME* to learn more about linear learning in the modern age

Industry Ready Equipment

We keep our costs low by investing in standard equipment. Our industry backed equipment sets us apart from our competitors and results in the flexibility needed to make our Kits as environmentally sustainable as they are. With the same EQ used in most common apps, our equipment meets the standards of the most successful applications.

Cost Optimized

Compared to competitors, our kits and courses offer students the most amount of learning for the least amount of money.


Add-ons allow students to integrate existing pieces to the current curriculum to create new lessons and new problems to solve.

Industry Backed

We’re proud to say we utilise the same tools used by industry professionals.

Case Studies on Industry Backing

We keep our pulse on the industry case studies that back our immense research. Read some of the most notable pieces on this modernization of education.

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