Established in 2021

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Thinking Cap Mission

Believe in Your Power of Positivity

Thinking Cap is built on the belief that everyone can be tech-savvy. As an industry backed curriculum, we believe the introduction of digital learning has only encouraged students to get excited about learning and better understand the materials being taught.

In 2021, we entered major school boards across Canada revolutionising how educators view computer science lessons. Since then, we’ve been digitally-influencing the teaching styles of educators and expanding the minds of students learning to code.

Our lessons and Learning Kits inspire a generation of young thinkers and learners to not only complete assignments, but demonstrate positive behaviour, and unlock the skills needed to help themselves and their class.

Our mission is to motivate students and teachers to reach their full potential through playful, collaborative and sustainable learning that promotes growth and community.

Syed Ahmed, CEO & Founder

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Our world-class websites and applications allow users to design more effectively in shorter periods of time without sacrificing their creative freedom.






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