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Hands-on Coding Curriculum to Inspire Learn Teach Build


Narrowing Digital Divide in Education

Kids adapt to and develop affinity to technology at a very young age. Studies show that integrating tech in classrooms leads to higher interest and better understanding. Thinking Cap enables your computer science classrooms to use tech the smart way.


No Tech Experience Needed

You don’t have to be a tech wiz to teach coding anymore. Thinking Cap kits map to Ontario curriculum with tech-less backgrounds in mind. As a teacher, you can easily view progress and areas of improvement from the dashboard. Teachers are also encouraged to brush up on their skills and be ahead of their class.

Lessons From Ontario Curriculum Documents

Trust that your students are learning from the best. All Thinking Cap courses, whether in gaming format or collaborative, are guided by the world class Ontario curriculum. Motivational support is also provided to encourage school districts and students to create empathetic learning environments.


Your One Stop Shop to Learn, Execute and Solve Problems

The dashboard is an easy-to-use platform with everything you need to know. Here is where educators can track the progress and results of their students with an engaging user experience. With customising options, you can easily access the data of all your classes and make results viewable to parents.

Back by Engineers
Studies show students enjoy learning computer science and rank it third after art/design and performing arts. The engineers that back and create Thinking Cap courses provide students with tools that encourage their excitement to learn.
Learning Community
Collaborate with your students on lessons or easily share results with parents/guardians. Thinking Cap encourages a community approach to learning that involves transparency in receiving data.

Manage Class All In One Place

Easily access your student data, lessons, grading and self-made templates all in one place. Our simplified dashboard will categorise everything you need in organised in-app folders that are security coded for your eyes only.

A simplified dashboard allows teachers to view student progress behind a user access security wall.
Data-driven Decisions
Analytics deliver your student development so you can make teaching changes based on student data.
Thinking Cap Solution

A Guided Journey Through the World of Technology

Thinking Cap learning kits provide students with hardware pieces that help accelerate understanding and comprehension of coding languages.  Unlike our competitors, our kits are not proprietary but industry standard.  This means that Thinking Cap is a sustainable solution that allows students to reuse pieces used in real-world applications and build upon the original set.

1. Arduino (Microcontroller)
2. Ultrasonic
3. LED Matrix
4. Protoboard (Breadboard)

Future-proof Your Students with Thinking Cap

Programming Concepts and Skills
Proper code maintenance and techniques are just one of the coding concepts within the Learning Kit. Students can also control the structure and algorithms of software programs.
Development in Problem Solving
Equipped with tools that encourage students to approach conflict with resolution whether they are working independently or within a group. The options to design different software solutions and creatively come up with algorithms help students display various levels of problem solving.
Computers in Society
Educating students on the role of computers in society through the lens of environmental sustainability while exposing them to the various career opportunities in tech.
Tech Territory
Immersive courses that push students to use the appropriate maintenance practices and understand the connection between computer components.


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