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Dear Parents

It's time to Learn how to code and Prepare for the digitalized future.

Thinking Cap is designed for the non tech-savvy. Our easy to follow app offers clear support for any questions you may have. The interface is clean and simple so anyone can approach it without intimidation.

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Build Smart Traffic Lights

⚡Powerful Synergy⚡

Coding is made SIMPLE with Thinking Cap –Anyone can do it!
Thinking Cap combines an intuitive LEARNING APP with an engaging LEARNING KIT to make coding FAST and EASY.
Lessons are designed by the industry’s leading engineers and endorsed by school boards and educators.
The Smart Traffic Light kit is a PERFECT starter for students of all levels to enjoy.
Thinking Cap Propel

FREE Coding Lessons

Thinking Cap lessons are carefully created under the requisites of the world-renown Ontario education curriculum. 
Learn everything about computer programming languages, as well as careers and ethics in computer science.
Best of all-
Propel is FREE.

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Trusted by the world's leading engineers and educators


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Thinking Cap provides a free resource hub for both computer science teachers and students to enrich their minds. There are plenty of interview, history, and knowledge articles for your daily consumption. 😋